Past Present and Future

For years we hide in the shadows of the future.
Waiting... Waiting for the powers of the world to be revealed.
The foolish essence of today kept us from the powers.
Only the essence of tomorrow will release all the powers of the world.
Only then the night shall become one with us and we shall rule the dark shadows of the Past Present and Future.

The Power Of Night

The power of the light is nothing compared to the night.
When the night becomes one with eternity we shall be free.
When the night defeates the suffering pwoer of the light we shall reach peace.
The power of the light shall never win.
The power of night shall never lose.
Together the night will rise above the suffering power of light.
Then a new era of peace cones into the Dark light of truth and Justice.


Friends are your allies, comrades
They help you when you need help
They comfort you when you are sad
They confine in you as you in them
Some bonds between friends can never be broken


Evolution evolves man into many things.
Evolution can change anything.
Evolution can never be stopped.
Evolution is the future of the past and present.
Evolution is all around us.
Evolution is apart of us all.


Time follows you around everywhere you go
It knows everything about everything
It knows what happens before it happens
It can be your alley or your enemy
As your time goes by it waits for you until you are ready
When you are ready you will walk with it through the passage of time.

The knowledge of DEATH

People think of death as a passing to the next dimension.
Others think it takes your soul to heaven or hell.
I think of it as a power.
A power not yet understood by the essence of the world.
The essence of the world are fearful of this power.
Some wait and long for an end.
To others like me think that death is a mystery waiting to be solved.

Help (for your eyes only)

I am in the dark.
In the shadows of the future.
I don't know what's happening to my personal life around me.
The only thing I know is that I have no knowledge of other around me.
I need knowledge that others won't tell me.
Now I am in the dark in life.
In the shadows of our future.
I know of nothing else.

Light Night

To me light is evil.
To others it means good.
Some even think it is a brother to night.
Light shows all that there is.
Night hides all that is there and wants us to explore.
Night shows us not to be afraid of new things.

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