Probably the best way to describe Skinny Puppy is to quote an interview with Ogre, recently after the death of Dwayne Goetell, in which he spoke of a conversation he had shortly before Dwayne's death.

Skinny Puppy was hatched during the summer of 1983, in Vancouver, Canada, as the brainchild of two young men of approximately the same taste in music--Throbbing Gristle, Kraftwerk,... This unsightly marriage spawned Back and Forth (really rare). BaF drew little or no attention, with the exception of Nettwerk Productions. Nettwerk made a two record deal with Skinny Puppy, and Remission was soon released.
After Remission, in October of 1985, Wilhelm Schroeder (Bill Leeb of Front Line Assembly fame) joined and Bites, the first full-length recording, was released. Schroeder left in 1986, during the recording of Mind: TPI, and was replaced by Dwayne Goetell.
Following the release of Mind: TPI, Cleanse, Fold, and Manipulate was released; containing some of their most "coherent, powerful material to date."
VIVIsectVI, released in October of 1988, marked the beginning of their "most ambitious tour to date", accompanied by "Chud".

In response to the overwhelming response to Skinny Puppy, they released Rabies which took on a harder, more guitar-oriented sound. The video for "Worlock" was actually banned due to rapid violent imagery.

In October, 1990, Too Dark Park was released, offering up more "pure claustrophobia...frightful lyrical visions of a diseased, decayed planet." This was, again, followed by a tour and a new album: Last Rites, "a document of delusion...alot of pain and delusion."

Following Last Rites was the recording, and subsequent final album, released by Skinny Puppy. Having been signed to American Records, they began the recording for The Process in Malibu, California, in the summer of 1993. They were given a house by the beach, and Shangri-La, the recording studio made famous by Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Eric Clapton. Not long before settling in, the Malibu fires during the fall of 1993 began, followed by the Malibu floods and mudslides in December. After two years of work on The Process, Ogre left the band, American dropped the band, and finally on August 23, 1995, Dwayne R. Goetell died from a fatal overdose of heroin in his parents' bathroom in hometown Edmonton, Canada.

cEvin key has continued work on Doubting Thomas, Download, and Tear Garden, and Ogre has worked with Alien Jourgensen (Ministry) on W.E.L.T. and presently is on tour with KMFDM in support of their new album.

Back and Forth : 1983, independent
All songs appear in remastered form on Back and Forth series Two.

Remission : 1985
Some vinyl had "TLC?" etched on Forth.

Bites : 1985
Some vinyl has "Hell 'o' Death Day" etched.

Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse : 1986
Some vinyl has "NTWK ORGANISED CHAOS" and "Execute economic SLAVE" etched.

Dig It : single, 1986

Bites And Remission : 1987

Chainsaw : single, 1987
Some vinyl has "WEVE GOT THE TASTE" and "SHEPPARD WASHES the Blood" on side one; "ICH BIN SHOOSER", "LOVE AFFAIR", "RPM", "COPA", "BUSINESS", and "DIAMOND" on side two.
Sheppard=Chris Sheppard (Toronto DJ)
Love Affair, RPM, Copa, Business, Diamond=Toronto/Vancouver clubs

Cleanse, Fold, And Manipulate : 1987
Some vinyl has "BRAP..." etched on That Side; "ICH BIN SCHEISS!" on This Side.

Addiction : single, 1987
Some vinyl has "Green Guy" etched on side Two.

VIVIsectVI : 1988

Censor : single

Testure : single

Ain't It Dead Yet? : 1991
Recorded life at the Toronto Concert Hall, June 1, 1987.

Rabies : 1989

Tin Omen : single

Worlock : single

Twelve Inch Anthology : 1989

Too Dark Park : 1990

Tormentor : single

Spasmolytic : single

Last Rites : 1992
"Quality Controlled Skinny Puppy"

Inquisition : single

Back And Forth 2 : 1992
Limited edition (1000) etched metal box, first 192 contained signed print.

The Process : 1996
"This album is Dedicated in Loving Memory Of D.R. Goetell
February 1, 1964-August 23, 1995"

Brap (3&4) : 1996
v.3-track 1 [multimedia track]

v.3-track 1 [multimedia track]

Nivek Ogre                         The Duck                         cEvin Key

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