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You leave the Night behind. The small cottage is held like a jewel in the hands of Nature, her green, leafy tendrils gently caressing the facade. You enter cautiously. Upon entering, you see a fire has been lit in a stone fire-place directly to your right. The silence is almost deafening, but you fear even the slightest noise might break the concentration of the room. The shadows cast from the warm fire fall playfully on the small room, giving it an uncomprehensibly life-like quality. As though speaking to you, a chair beside the fire beckons to you.

You hesitate not to sit down, and immediately become enveloped by the warmth and comfort offered by the fire. Relaxing a bit, you begin to notice a new presence in the room. A presence vaguely similar to that of another person watching you intently. You look around, slighty alarmed, and discover a sentient in one of the darker corners of the room. Startled by this new revelation, you stare at this eldritch being. And recieve stares back.

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