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Skinny Puppy It was the product of being near death, of being read those 'last rites'. This was reality. In retrospect, it wasn't so much reality as it was partial delusion with bits and pieces of reality thrown in. That reality can't really even be spoken about. Its just too 'out there'. Einsturzende Neubauten

Medievia Too many MUDs to choose from...!!

"The Edge" Ah--and how is the asylum of ignorance doing today? Smashing!

"Death" These are the things Hallmark cards are made of: poetry focusing mainly on the 'macabre' subject of death, dying, and darkness. Or maybe its just teenage angst?

Betty Page

Anti Vivisection vivisection (viv sekshn) n. 1. the action of cutting into or dissecting a living body. 2. the practice of subjecting living animals to cutting operations, esp. in order to advance physiological and pathological knowledge. [170010; VIVI- + SECTION] vivisectional, adj. vivisectionally, adv.

Links The climax of all things going nowhere.

Death What a guy: Can be useful in times of need. Very Relaxed and calm in a situation. He likes typing on the computer, making model rockets, bowling, computers, electronics, and Greek mythology.

Chud Nibbled to death during the creation of this webpage: he will be fondly remembered as the man who knew Everything about Nothing.

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